I get a lot of emails from people asking "how did you get the exposure information out of the images?" Well, personally I use Thumber. And just browsing over to the Thumber website I noticed that Max has updated Thumber to version 3.20. This version incorporates a few updates since we last noted it. Max also regularly updates the "cameras.txt" file which enables Thumber to support new cameras, now up to the Canon Digital IXUS/ELPH.

Click here to download Thumber

Here's the rolled-up updates since version 3.14 (last time we noted Thumber):

Version 3.20

  • Feature: Thumber now uses DDE to accept additional filenames passed on the command line.
  • Feature: Added ability to read the data within the "MakerNote" tag if it appears to follow EXIF structure.
  • Feature: Tidied up presentation of EXIF data in image properties window, and "text" imageinfo reports.
  • Feature: Full path of currently loaded image is now displayed on main window.
  • Feature: Added subject distance to display window.
  • Feature: New installation program should eliminate warning messages about files being in use and/or older than current version.
  • Feature: Added "Open Current Image Directory In Explorer" menu item.
  • Feature: Added ability to transfer "txt" and "mov" files -- for Nikon 990 users.
  • Feature: Added ability to choose which file types are transferred from source directory.
  • Feature: More information is displayed as images are transferring.
  • Feature: Support for Canon S100 ("Digital Elph").
  • Bug Fix: Thumber now "unmangles" short file names such as "C:\myimag~1\pictur~1.jpg" to "C:\my images\picture 1.jpg" which solves problems when using marked images.
  • Bug Fix: Updated comment reading routine to find comments better within file.
  • Bug Fix: Changed placement position of comments within file to comply with JFIF specification.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problems where framed pages did not work correctly on Netscape Navigator.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problems (hopefully) with Thumber crashing during creation of web page (resample.dll error).
  • Bug fix: Maximum length for End of Page that can be saved to settings extended to over 2,000 characters.