Photo-sharing site 500px has followed Flickr into the photo-licensing market by announcing 'Prime' - a licensing service that it is describing as 'the world's most intelligent marketplace'.

Fees will start at $250 and interestingly, the company is also claiming that the photographer will get 30% of every fee for a licensed image, no matter 'how it is bought, who buys it, or under what license'. It's not totally clear whether licenses are for single images only or might cover multiple images, but either way, a $250 license = $75 for the photographer. 

500px is one of the world's largest photo-sharing sites, with more than 3 million registered users. According to a post on the company's blog, 'Our vision is to fundamentally change the way photos are licensed [and] a big part of this is changing the way photo licensing companies work with photographers.'

Under a crosshead entitled 'What's different', 500px lists three ways in which Prime differs from other photo licensing services:

  • We are pricing all licenses in a way that brings dignity to the photographer, we are not joining the race to the bottom. Our licenses will start at $250. 
  • We are giving you, the photographer, 30% for every one of your images that we license. It doesn’t matter how it is bought, who buys it, or under what license, your 30% comes off the top.
  • We are using the power of the 500px community to give buyers insight into how photos will be received and perceived before licensing them. Imagine searching images by potential vitality, hero status and visceral reaction. This is revolutionary and something only 500px can do.

500px users interested in selling their images are encouraged to send an email to

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