Adaptalux has introduced a new portable lighting studio, likewise called Adaptalux, which is designed specifically for macro photography. The design is modular in nature, allowing photographers to 'rebuild' it in different ways to meet their current needs. This is achieved using a core Control Pod into which Lighting Arms are plugged, with each Lighting Arm being customizable in regards to color, beam angle, brightness and diffusion, among other things.

The Lighting Arms feature magnetic connectors, which secure into the Control Pod's slots, activating the light at the end of the arms. Each arm can be individually positioned around the object being photographed, also featuring independent lighting control as set through the Control Pod. The brightness goes up to 165 lumens.

'Effect Components' are also available for adjusting the light beam as needed. There are Adaptalux Diffusers, for example, which snap onto the end of each Lighting Arm, as well as Color Filters, which are colored versions of the diffusers. Also offered is the 'Adaptalux Stage', which is a flat illuminated surface with five color options for illuminating an object from below. Both a backdrop and a stabilizer are also available.

Adaptalux is funding its product through Kickstarter, where it is seeking £100,000. A pledge of £100 (about $150) will get backers an Adaptalux starter pack, which includes the Control Pod, a pair of Lighting Arms, a single diffuser, and a single color filter. Shipping for those who back the product will start in November if all goes as planned.