Rob at has posted more information, for US owners only, of the Canon EOS D-30 "Auto Power Off" fix that we posted last month. Apparently anyone who purchased before February 5, 2001 should contact Canon USA for assistance. As in Japan, it's an in-house repair taking approximately 72 hours.

"Canon Inc. has developed a countermeasure to solve a problem with the Auto Power-Off setting in some early-production EOS D30 cameras. The purpose of the Auto Power-Off setting is to conserve battery life by minimizing power drain after the camera is inactive for a preset period of time. The EOS D30 is designed to power down after a preset time limit, but some early-production EOS D30s power up again within a second after the time limit is reached. This is not harmful to the camera or any stored images, but it may reduce battery life. All EOS D30 cameras shipped prior to February 5, 2001 are subject to this malfunction.

USA residents who own an EOS D30 shipped prior to February 5, 2001 are kindly requested to contact Canon USA for assistance via our toll-free customer service hotline at 1-800-828-4040. Service hours are Monday through Friday (except for national holidays), 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern time.

When the automated attendant answers your call, please follow the prompts for Technical Support on Digital Cameras. A Canon representative will then provide you with further instructions. If you are based outside the USA, please contact the Canon Factory Service Center in your region for assistance."

Click here for the full story from Rob Galbraith