This thanks to Steves Digicams:

Microtech today announced it has been selected as the first North American distributor to bring the highly-anticipated IBM 340 MB Microdrive to market. The microdrive is the world's smallest hard disk drive, measuring just 42.8 x 36.4 x 5.0 mm. The drive is designed to the newly adopted CF+ Type II standard.

The microdrive has a disk platter the size of a large coin and weighs less than a AA battery. The new device can hold: 1,000 digital photographs compressed; six hours of near CD-quality audio; 300 hefty novels; or the equivalent of more than 200 standard-size floppy disks. IBM microdrive uses high-performance, time-proven hard disk drive technology to store information. The drive has a much lower cost-per-megabyte and holds more content than alternate small-format storage technologies.

Available in 170MB and 340MB capacities, with or without a CF II to PC Card Type II adapter, the drive is a plug and play alternative to slower and more expensive flash memory based cards.

Employing IBM's giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head technology along with an innovative power management scheme, the new device promises performance exceeding that of any flash memory PC Card at up to 3MB per second. As compared to the fastest flash memory cards advertised, the microdrive performs at hard drive speed. In addition, an all metal casing and newly developed head parking mechanism ensure reliable operation, even in a highly mobile environment such as digital photojournalism.