Unity Digital announced the "ProPower Pack", a compact external battery pack for digital cameras that delivers 2.45 amp hours of sustained power. The ProPower Pack significantly increases the number of photographs that a digital camera can take without replacing the camera's internal batteries. Using Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery cells in a genuine leather pack, the ProPower Pack clips onto the photographer's belt and delivers nearly ten times more shots than using typical AA Alkaline batteries.

"The ProPower Pack addresses the most common complaint of digital camera owners: the limited time that a set of internal batteries will power a digital camera while they take, review and download digital photos," said Jim Frohling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Unity Digital. "A digital camera requires a significant amount of power to take a photo, store it in memory and power the flash and LCD. Independent testing shows that a set of four AA Alkaline batteries supports less than 30 minutes of continuous shooting. The ProPower Pack supports up to five hours! The ProPower Pack provides the user with significantly more utility from their camera and eliminates the hassle and cost of constantly replacing AA alkaline batteries."

The ProPower Pack is also environmentally friendly, according to Frohling. "Since the ProPower Pack can be recharged as many as 1,000 times, it replaces nearly 40,000 Alkaline AA batteries that wind up in our landfills to eventually leak and further damage our environment. At $4 per set of AA Alkalines, that's a lot of money saved and a ton of toxic waste avoided"

As opposed to Nickel Cadmium batteries the ProPower Pack is "memory free". This means you can charge the pack anytime without damaging the battery or shortening it's charge capacity. Two safety fuses are also designed into the battery pack to prevent the ProPower Pack from overcharging and overheating. "Without safety fuses, overcharging or overheating can not only damage the battery, but the person using it as well," Frohling said. "These safety fuses add a small cost to the pack but virtually eliminate the chances of someone sustaining serious injury by inhaling toxic fumes from leaking batteries or being burned by a non-regulated hot pack. We think that the customer's health and safety are worth the investment."

Using the ProPower Pack reduces the weight of a digital camera when the internal batteries are removed. When left in the camera, the internal batteries not discharge and will act as a reserve for when the ProPower Pack starts running low on power. The camera's power indicator will advise when the ProPower Pack needs recharging. Then simply disconnect the ProPower Pack from the camera and the internal batteries will automatically take over.

The ProPower Pack consists of four Nickel Metal Hydride battery cells in an attractive genuine leather pack with belt clip. A custom-built battery charger and lightweight cable that connects the camera to the ProPower Pack is also included. The suggested retail price for the ProPower Pack is $99.95.