The Lumia 928 is only a minor upgrade to the current Nokia flagship device, the Lumia 920.

Nokia surprised everyone today by announcing its new Lumia 928 in advance of next week's big launch event in London.

The Lumia 928, developed with US carrier Verizon Wireless, comes equipped with an 8.7-megapixel camera on a 1/3.2" sensor, xenon flash, optical image stabilization, and a f/2.0, 26mm-equivalent Carl Zeiss lens. The camera shoots 1080 video and the Lumia 928's 4.5-inch screen has 1,280 x 768 px resolution. The whole device runs on a Qualcomm dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4.

These specs mean it's only a relatively minor upgrade to the current Nokia flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 920. That said, the more powerful xenon flash is good news for mobile photographers and the HAAC wide dynamic range microphones should allow for better sound recording. The screen still has the same dimensions and resolution but is now of the AMOLED variant. As before it can be operated while wearing gloves. See how the specs of the Lumia 928 stack up against those of the 920.

Available through Verizon Wireless on May 16th, the new Lumia will cost $99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate) and early adapters will get a $25 credit for Windows Phone apps.

You can read Nokia's full press release here.