Giotto's has announced four new lightweight and compact tripods designed for travel. Coming in both aluminum and carbon fiber models, they all feature four-section legs for portability, a Y-shaped center column and include a carrying case. The new 'Air' tripods will retail from £180-£334 ($301-$559). 

They also made updates to existing products and kit options. Giotto's ballheads now come with Arca style head and attachment plates, and their 'Silk Road' series tripods are now called 'Silhouette'.  

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Press Release:

Giotto’s Unveils Entire Brand Re-launch - including revolutionary New Giotto’s  ‘Air’ range which has to be seen to be believed!

Unveiled at the Photography Show this year:  The BRAND NEW Giotto’s Air range of super lightweight and über compact travel tripods, together with updated products across the entire Giotto’s range. 

So, prepare for take off with the all-new super light and compact Giotto’s Air! 

Smashing the mold for camera tripods, the Giotto’s Air is set to raise the bar in the field of high quality travel tripods.  The astonishingly compact design features Giotto’s unique Y-shaped centre column and is perfectly portable – all tripods in the range have 4 section legs, so that they pack down as small as possible, ideal for popping in your suitcase or even airline carry-on luggage. Three models also feature Giotto’s innovative 3D centre column for macro and low level photography.

With four kits in the new Giotto’s Air range, two aluminium models and two carbon fibre, the tripods come with a free tripod case and 5 year Premier warranty.  Featuring collar leg locks for easy adjustment, and twin spirit levels to keep everything on the level, these new designs are set to revolutionize professional travel and tourist photographers expectations of portable lightweight tripods.

Air Kit 17:  YT9224/MH5310-665 – SRP £180

  • Aluminium
  • 4 section legs, only 41 cm when folded down
  • 135cm max height
  • Supports up to 4kg of equipment
  • Weighs just 1.2kg
  • MH5310-665 Ball Head with Arca style plate 

Air Kit 18: YT9354/MH5400-665 – SRP £234

  • Aluminium
  • 3D centre column
  • 4 section legs, only 49 cm when folded down
  • 150cm max height
  • Supports up to 6kg of equipment
  • Weighs just 1.5kg
  • MH5400-665 B&S Head with Arca style plate, max load 6kg

Air Kit 19: YT8324/MH5310-665 – SRP £300

  • Carbon Fibre material
  • 3D centre column
  • 4 section legs, only 46 cm when folded down
  • 140cm max height
  • Supports up to 4kg of equipment
  • Weighs just 1.1kg
  • MH5310-665 Ball Head with Arca style plate – max load 6kg

Air Kit 20: YT8354/MH5400-665 – SRP £334

  • Carbon Fibre material
  • 4 section legs, only 49 cm when folded down
  • 150cm max height
  • Supports up to 5kg of equipment
  • Weighs just 1.2kg
  • Detachable leg which doubles as monopod
  • Built-in spiked feed for ultimate grip
  • MH5400-665 B&S Head with Arca style plate, max load 6kg

All four Giotto’s Air models will be previewed at the show and will be available to try on the stand.

All change to Arca!

It’s all change on the Giotto’s heads too – with the entire Giotto’s product range now featuring the popular Arca style head & attachment plate.  This will enable onward compatibility with other Arca style accessories including grips, plates, straps and quick release systems.  

The Arca style system is recognised as the benchmark for fast interchangeable mounted systems.

The original Giotto’s tripod plates will still be available to purchase, for those who have invested in the previous design.

Giotto’s is on the case!  

Yes, it’s true – EVERY new Giotto’s tripod kit now comes with a high quality case included in the price.  Stylish and practical the Giotto’s case will keep your tripod safe and in tip-tip condition when stored away, or while on your travels. 

Silk Road turns Silhouette!

There’s a name change for the award winning Giotto’s Silk Road series – now called Silhouette and featuring 12 brand new kits.  The award winning Y-shaped centre column design continues to be one of the most popular in the range – including aluminium and carbon fibre models with a combination of weight capacities, 3-way heads & ball heads, a range of folding & packed heights and centre column options to suit every photographer. 

The Award Winning Vitruvian just got even better!

The Giotto’s Vitruvian tripods remain a versatile compact alternative with the distinctive upside down space saving ‘stow’ design – and these too are now available in 4 kit combinations. They will also feature the new Arca style heads and plates for ultimate onward compatibility.

New for Nature Lovers!

And last, but certainly not least, there are two brand new Giotto’s Nature Kits – designed specifically to meet the needs of nature photographers and wildlife watchers.  

With one aluminium option and one carbon fibre, these tripod and head kits come complete with a short column adaptor for low level or viewing of timid subjects, and spiked feet for ultimate grip.

Both feature the new Arca style 2-way heads, supporting up to 6kg of kit.

Priced at £200 (aluminium) and £300 for the carbon fibre options, more info will be available on these new kits later in 2014.

With over 20 kit options to choose from – please see the Giotto’s Range Overview document for an ‘at a glance’ reference guide on specifications and pricing.

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Additional Images:

Air Kit 17: YT9224/MH5310-665 Air Kit 18: YT9354/MH5400-665
Air Kit 19: YT8324/MH5310-665 Air Kit 20: YT8354/MH5400-665 – With detachable leg which doubles as monopod