Wow, that's what you'll be saying. This tiny digital camera (looks like something out of MI:2) shoots at VGA (640 x 480), takes Memory Stick Duo (the new shorter Memory Stick) AND has a 0.55" LCD (viewfinder / review I assume). Best of all? It measures 21.5 x 62.6 x 13 mm (0.8 x 2.7 x 0.5 ") and weighs just 26 g (1 oz) with batteries... Ok, so I want one.

(Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 2000) Sony Corporation today announced the development of a prototype digital still camera realized through a combination of Sony's latest miniaturization technologies. The prototype weighs a mere 26 grams, making it the world's smallest digital camera with a built-in LCD display. This miniaturization is made possible by Sony's latest IC bare-chip mounting technology (67µm electrode pitch) that integrates a "Memory Stick Duo" recording medium, a high-temperature poly-silicon LCD and a Lithium Ion Polymer battery into a single compact package.

Prototype Digital Still Camera

Portable devices are increasing in importance with the emergence of the digital network era. Technologies utilized in the prototype digital still camera can be applied to various applications to realize a wide spectrum of portable devices in the future. For example, the technologies will facilitate the development of products such as wearable AV/IT devices and "Memory Stick Expansion Modules" which add AV and telecommunication capabilities to PCs and PDAs.

Based on the wealth of miniaturization technologies used in the prototype, Sony will now pioneer new and exciting portable devices for the digital network era.

Technologies Used in the Prototype Digital Still Camera

  • Bare-chip Mounting Technology: 67µm electrode pitch at closest points.
  • Recording Medium: "Memory Stick Duo" - Ultra compact media block (20mm x 31mm x 1.6mm) can be fitted together with a cartridge block for full compatibility with standard-size Memory Stick. The "Memory Stick Duo" is currently under development at 64MB.
  • Semiconductor Technology: Thin film color LCD monitor- Ultra-thin (4mm) color LCD module realized by super thin reflector and latest connection technology.
  • Battery Technology: Lithium Ion Polymer Secondary Battery- Compact-size, (21 x 38 x 6mm), lightweight (7g) and high capacity (210mAh).

Main Specifications of Prototype

Dimensions 21.5 x 62.6 x 13.0mm
Volume 16cc
Mass 26g (incl. battery)
Image Sensor 330,000 pixels
LCD 0.55 inch diagonal (Color) 180,000 dots
Image Size VGA (640 x 480 dots)
Battery Lithium ion Polymer, Size 21 x 38 x 6mm, Weight: 7g, Capacity: 210mAh
Recording Medium Memory Stick Duo (64MB)
Image Capacity Approximately 1000 images (JPEG) *

*When using 64MB Memory Stick Duo

(Memory Stick Duo)

(We have an article on the Memory Stick Duo here)

This from comments on this article:

Q: And finally James... <hands Bond a pack of Doublemint>

Bond: Gum, Q? But I have Excellent Oral Hygiene.

Q: No James, this is a highly compact digital camera capable of storing over 100 high resolution pictures.

Bond: Indeed.

Q: Oh, and James...

Bond: Yes?

Q: No more taking pictures of the female agents and posting them on the Internet, I've been recieveing far too many complaints about that...