Demo image published by SankeiBiz

According to a recent report, Panasonic is developing a technology for refocusing an image after it's been shot, and will be commercializing the feature sometime in the next year. The technology achieves something similar to Lytro's light field cameras but instead relies on 4K video capture.

The information comes from the Japanese publication SankeiBiz, which reports that Panasonic has developed a camera that takes, according to a translation, 'a plurality of images instantaneously while shifting the position of the focus'. We're taking this to mean that it shoots a series of images while driving the focus, so that a range of focus depths are captured. Image comparison would then allow the camera to build a depth-map of the objects in the scene, which could then be used to deliver the desired focus point when you tap on a particular object in the scene.

The article states that all of Panasonic's 4K compatible models release in the next year will include the focus adjustment feature, but no more solid information is given.