iView Multimedia has released a free update to image management program iView MediaPro, which now adds support for Adobe DNG files made with DNG converter v2.4. Version 2.6.3 of the cataloging program also includes improved support for Minolta RAW files, plus preliminary support for Sigma's RAW format and Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Click here to download iView MediaPro update version 2.6.3 for Windows and Mac

Release notes:

iView MediaPro update version 2.6.3

iView Multimedia today released a free update to its professional media cataloging application iView MediaPro. Version 2.6.3 provides the following improvements and enhancements:

  • Added support for DNG files made with Adobe DNG Converter v2.4
  • Added preliminary support Sigma raw format (.X3F)
  • Improved Minolta raw format support (.MRW) Includes Maxxum 7D
  • Improved Fuji raw format support (.RAF)
  • Added preliminary support for Microsoft office documents including MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint. (Windows only)
  • Added iViewXT to allow embedding of a preview image in Quark documents
  • Added text font and size configuration in slideshow
  • Implemented Caption editing in list, thumbnails and media views.
  • Brought back default catalog name when importing a single folder
  • Added support for option+click in all 3 panel lists (fully expands/collapses list)
  • Added support command+click (Mac) and control+click (Windows) to purge list contents in both organize and folder list
  • Improved mouse-wheel and utility key support (Windows) Importing assets using the contextual menu from Finder (Mac) and Explorer (Windows)