Creative Technology (Creative Labs in the US) has today announced the PC-CAM 600. This digital camera has 0.75 megapixel sensor (which is interpolated to 1.3 megapixels) a fixed focal length lens, 16 MB of internal RAM, a flash and can be used as both a digital still, webcam and video clip recorder (including audio). All this for just US$149.99.

Press release:

Creative Introduces PC-CAM 600

Stylish and compact - functions as digital still camera, PC camera and AV recorder

SINGAPORE - December 06, 2001 - Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for the personal computer and the Internet, today announced its latest multi-mode PC camera: Creative PC-CAM 600. This ergonomically designed, stylish camera takes photos at up to 1.3 Megapixels (1280x960), has a genuine XGA CCD sensor, 16MB of memory and an intelligent flash. With the combined features of a portable digital camera, a PC webcam as well as an audio video recorder, it offers impeccable quality and awesome value. The Creative PC-CAM 600 is slated for immediate shipping in Asia to all Creative's extensive retail network at an estimated street price of US$149.99.

The Creative PC-CAM 600 comes with a host of new features such as a dual aperture, focus-free glass lens for quick and easy snapshots and brighter clearer stills and videos, as well as an advanced XGA CCD sensor. Its configurable intelligent strobe flash ensures that the "red-eye" syndrome - a common occurrence when photos are snapped using the flash - is almost eradicated. With its whopping 16 MB of memory, users can now store over 200 images at 640x480 (VGA) resolution, 85 images at true 1024x768 (XGA) resolution, or 20 images at 1.3 Megapixels (1280x960) hardware scaled resolution.

The flexible Creative PC-CAM 600 also serves as a desktop PC camera while tethered to the PC, enabling video e-mail, videoconferencing, sharing images over the Internet, and includes motion-detection spycam features. The Creative PC-CAM 600 enhances pictures taken on the move to a further 1280x960 resolution for higher quality and superior pictures. Thanks to its ability to hold up to 75 seconds of video and 60 minutes of audio, the Creative PC-CAM 600 is perfect for the easy creation of mini-movies at 352x288 resolution complete with realistic colors and smooth 'live' full-motion video and audio.

"The PC-CAM 600 is stylish, ultra-compact, and offers first-rate features - superb image quality, digital audio recording capabilities, an intelligent strobe flash and enhanced storage capacity," said Low Chee Seng, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Creative Labs Asia. "With its portability, photo-lovers can now snap brilliant pictures on-the-go and craft their own 'mini-movies' in style - anytime, anywhere," he added.

Creative PC-CAM 600 Features

  • Picture-Perfect Quality: progressive XGA CCD sensor and 4-element lens gives brighter, clearer stills and videos, realistic skin tones and vibrant colors
  • Digital Audio Recorder: built-in microphone records up to 60 minutes of audio
  • Enhanced Memory: 16MB of memory to capture all your special moments; this translates to more than 200 images at 640x480 (VGA) resolution, 85 images at 1024x768 (XGA) resolution or 20 images at 1.3 Megapixels (1280x960) hardware scaled resolution
  • Cutting-edge Design: stylish and ergonomic with available silver or blue finish
  • Portability: detach the camera from the PC's USB port and take it with you
  • Comprehensive Software Bundle: a complete package for web publishing, photo editing and more for assured professional results
  • Easy installation: convenient USB connection means there is no need to open the PC.

Pricing and Availability

The Creative PC-CAM 600 is slated for immediate shipment to retail outlets at an estimated street price of US$149.99. The camera comes bundled with a swivel stand, USB cable, wrist strap and four AAA batteries. For more information, please visit