The Long Journey of 'The Long Night'
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The Long Journey of 'The Long Night'

In SeaTac, Washington, a man is arrested for possession of 41 grams of crack cocaine and a firearm.

To what do you thank your success in getting The Long Night funded as well as distributed? What are a few of the venues that were successful for you in getting audiences to view the movie?

The Long Night wouldn't exist if it weren't for partnership. It starts with my relationships here in the Seattle area that allowed me access. The Alexia Foundation was instrumental in that it provided the seed capital with its Women's Initiative Grant. They also paid for MediaStorm to do a short multimedia piece. When the editor, Tim McLaughlin, thought he had something bigger, Brian Storm (*executive producer at multimedia production studio MediaStorm) and I stepped up to support the film. I continued in the field and Brian tasked his resources to follow through on production.

As for distribution, this is where things get a little wonky. Neither Brian nor myself had done feature documentary film distribution. It was a steep learning curve, and I don't really agree with the model. There are too many gate keepers.

While Brian went after traditional channels like film festivals and broadcast licensing, I researched grassroots independent distribution. Unfortunately, all the mainstream channels turned us down. We were still able to launch online on the Alexia Foundation site, MediaStorm, and on, a website I built for the film.