The Long Journey of 'The Long Night'
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The Long Journey of 'The Long Night'

A married man with a baby seat in his minivan is handcuffed after picking up a young woman from Pacific Highway South in SeaTac near Seattle's international airport.

(cont.) There are a lot of organizations out there, some national and some local. I haven't compiled a comprehensive list, but I would recommend as people google them, to look at how the organization operates. Do they take an academic approach? Do they speak in ultimatums? Do they come from a place of fear, or are their solutions accounting for the extremely gray nature of this issue and are they more about inclusivity?

Remember, minor sex trafficking is a symptom of greater underlying issues, of which we are a part. It's complex, but there's a way for everyone to help and to do so from within their sphere of influence, however small. It just takes an empathetic, creative and open mind.

Tim Matsui is a multimedia artist who has been working in the field of photojournalism and video for more than a decade. You can find out more about The Long Night at and it is available to watch at Mediastorm.

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