Received an email from a Kodak owner noting that Kodak have now released a Serial Connectivity Kit for the Kodak DC290. This will enable the connection of the DC290 to a computer which doesn't support USB (using a serial port connection instead). Generally we recommend either USB or a dedicated card reader (serial is very slow).

Click here to download the DC290 Software Update

This from the website:

What does the Software Update do?

This software update provides serial connection capability and enhancements to the USB connection capability. This software is for users with a personal computer running Windows software that meets the minimum system requirements for each type of connection.

Depending on the modem you are using, it may take several minutes or longer to download these files. In order to minimize the size of the download, the following utilities are not provided as part of the driver installer.

  • KODAK AVI Generator Utility
  • KODAK Watermark Conversion Utility

These utilities are provided as part of the KODAK Digital Camera Software utilities installer. You must perform a separate download of the utilities installer from this web site.