Canon Korea has put up a teaser page for a new camera release. Showing a camera covered in a white sheet, the teaser text reads, 'November 2013, Canon will start from the white world. Coming soon,' according to a Google translation of the site While some rumors contemplate an EOS M2 or pro camera, application of a few simple Photoshop tweaks, as dicahub did, reveals a few details that make the camera look an awful lot like a white SL1 with a partially white 40mm STM lens attached. (See below for update)

A screen capture of the teaser image on Canon Korea's website.

We took the liberty of adjusting the image in Photoshop and found ghost images of the infrared receiver window, the self-timer lamp, and the lens release button, as well as a fairly obvious image of the 40mm F2.8 STM lens, but with a white outer ring and a black face. Also, of course, there's the black Canon logo showing through the white sheet, contrasting with the usual white Canon logo on a black body.

More details come out with a simple adjustment in Photoshop.

Overlaying our image from the SL1/100D review shows that the elements line up quite well, with the exception of the shoulder on the right side of the image, which extends a bit more than it should (though that could simply be how the fabric draped off the body). 

The EOS 100D shot from our review, shown here at 65% opacity, lines up quite well with the four major elements, as the red outlines show, plus the logo.

Or might the extra bump on the right be a sign of an articulating LCD? It's pure conjecture at this point, but we thought it was interesting enough to mention. 

Update 11/11/2013: Canon Japan has posted a video on its Facebook page, entitled 'White Kiss!?' It's simply a pair of 'kiss' lips singing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas.' 'Kiss' is the domestic Japanese name for the Rebel/X00D-series of digital SLRs, lending further weight to the thought that Canon is about to release a white 100D, at least for parts of Asia.