Mamiya has announced the price and availability of its new DM22 and DM28 medium format cameras. Priced at $9,995, for the body and 80mm f/2.8 lens D series lens, DM22 is one of the cheapest medium format camera around. The 22 MP camera has a 48 x 36 mm sensor and features true 16 bit/channel RAW files, dynamic range of 12 f stops and and an ISO range of 25-400. The 28 MP DM28 is identical to the DM22, except for its 44 x 33mm sensor and an ISO range of 50-800. It is priced at $14,990 for the body and 80mm f/2.8 lens and will start shipping along with the DM22 from November 2009.

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Press Release:

Mamiya Debuts DM22 Digital Camera for under $10K

Elmsford, NY – October, 2009Mamiya, synonymous with professional photography, has introduced a new 22MP, 36x48mm digital camera selling for $9,995. The Mamiya DM22, slated for November delivery, is the perfect choice for photographers when 35mm-sized DSLRs are not good enough. In fashion work, studio product photography, industrial/scientific or other demanding photographic specialties, medium format photography is in many people’s eyes hands-down the winner over 35mm-based digital. The DM22 is the affordable way to achieve that superiority.

“For years, many professional photographers have been relegated to consumer-like DSLR systems, simply due to the high cost of recognized pro-level digital equipment,” says Mamiya Product Marketing Manager Mike Edwards. “This new camera features a premium-quality 22 megapixel sensor, and true 16bit/channel RAW files, resulting in richly detailed images that leave a vibrant and lasting impression for both the photographer and client. We recognize photographers’ need to deliver exceptional quality photographs, along with an impression of professionalism, which a 35mm-sized DSLR cannot present. Files can be processed using either of the included software solutions: Capture One™ by Phase One or Leaf Capture™, or photographers can choose to use Adobe Lightroom™ (not included) allowing the widest variety of professional processing software options available. This is definitely an opportunity to put the finest technology to work at a most affordable price.”

The new camera has an estimated street price of $9,995. It’s being introduced at the same time as the Mamiya DM28, with a street price of $14,990. Both cameras come with the sharp Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 D Series lens, focal plane shutter, and are fully compatible with any Mamiya AF focal plane series lens. In addition, they can be used with older 645MF and Hasselblad lenses (via #310-244 adapter), both in stop-down mode.

Both the DM22 and DM28 feature Mamiya’s new Guaranteed Trade-Up Program, which offers purchasers of new Mamiya digital products the peace of mind of knowing they can safely choose the right product for their specific needs.

The DM22 features a 48x36mm sensor, 5356x4056 pixels, and an ISO range of 25-400. The RAW file is the Mosaic format, HDR-type, with 16 bits/channel and a dynamic range of 12 f/stops. Image storage is either on a CF card or via FireWire™. The DM28 is identical except its sensor is 44x33mm, 6144x4622 pixels, and an ISO range of 50-800.

Mamiya DM22 & DM28 specifications

  DM22 DM28
Price $ 9995 $ 14,990
Sensor size 48 x36mm 44 x 33mm
Camera Type M645AFDIII
Resolution • 22 megapixels
• 5356 x 4056
• 28 megapixels
• 6144 x 4622
LCD 3.5" (6 x 7cm)
Sensitivity ISO 25-400 ISO 50-800
RAW file attributes • File Type : Leaf Mosaic HDR-type
• Color Depth : 16 bits/channel
• Dynamic Range : 12 f-stops
RAW file compatibilty • Capture One
• Leaf Capture
• Adobe Lightroom (v2 or newer)
• Adobe Photoshop
Storage • CF Card (Portable Mode)
• FireWire 800 (Tethered Mode)
• Optional Camera Interfaces
• Mamiya RZ67 ProIID
• 4x5 Graflock
Compatible lenses

• Fully compatible with Mamiya AF focal plane series lenses
• Compatible with Mamiya 645 MF lenses without adapter (stop down mode)
• Compatible with Hasselblad V-series lenses (stop down mode via optional Mamiya #310-244 adapter)