SST Expand their line of CompactFlash cards with new 64MB and 96MB capacity cards. Here's what they say: "SST today announced the addition of 64 MByte and 96 MByte CompactFlash cards to its successful, high-performance CompactFlash card family. SST developed the 64 MByte and 96 MByte cards to meet the market demand for increased storage capacity in applications such as digital cameras, MP3 audio players and personal digital assistants."

At the same time, the high-density cards also allow SST to target new application areas, such as the high-performance networking market and other applications that require a large amount of storage capability combined with a small form factor. The new cards bring SST's CompactFlash card offering to seven cards spanning densities of 8 MByte to 96 MByte. The new cards are based on SST's patented ATA controller technology and flash memory design expertise. Because of this technology, SST's CompactFlash cards offer the industry's fastest sustained write performance, up to 1.4 MByte/sec.

The new 64 MByte and 96 MByte cards are ideal for expanded storage in applications such as digital cameras, both in the consumer and professional markets. A recent report by InfoTrends Research Group shows that worldwide digital camera sales will top 3.6 million units in 1999, growing at an annual rate of 36% through 2003. Since most consumer digital cameras come with only an 8 MByte density CompactFlash card, users are quick to upgrade to higher storage capacity. SST's 64 MByte and 96 MByte cards are an ideal solution to expand storage in digital cameras.

SST's 64 MByte and 96 MByte CompactFlash cards are also suited for new, unique applications such as high-end networking equipment, where the small and rugged form factor of the cards is ideal. Networking routers, for example, require removable memory to store large program files. Until now, PCMCIA cards or built-in hard disk drives were primarily used to store files in networking equipment. SST's new 64 MByte and 96 MByte CompactFlash cards now provide adequate storage capability for networking equipment and are less costly and smaller in size than PCMCIA cards and magnetic media hard disk drives.

"The CompactFlash card market is continuing to grow at an astronomical rate," said Samuel Nakhimovsky, product marketing manager of Flash Card Products at SST. "According to a recent report by International Data Corporation, shipments for CompactFlash cards are expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 62% through 2003. In order to keep this growth rate accelerating, new application areas for CompactFlash cards also need to expand. Our new 64 MByte and 96 MByte cards fit in perfectly with this model. Not only are the 64 MByte and 96 MByte cards ideal for expanded storage in digital cameras, they also allow us to target new and unique application areas. In the next few years as densities continue to increase, I expect to see CompactFlash cards being used in more and more non-traditional application areas."

SST's CompactFlash card family leverages the company's years of experience in ATA controller development and flash memory design. SST's CompactFlash cards utilize the company's proprietary Flash File System firmware that contributes to fast data access speeds and higher reliability. The company's CompactFlash cards achieve the industry's fastest sustained write performance through SST's unique implementation of the dual port SRAM buffer, direct memory access (DMA), and Flash File System.

SST is an executive member of the CompactFlash Association (CFA) and the company's family of CompactFlash cards are compliant with CFA specifications for compatibility and interoperability. In addition, SST CompactFlash cards provide industry-standard PCMCIA-ATA compatibility and functionality. The 50-pin CompactFlash card, measuring 36.4 mm x 42.8 mm x 3.3 mm, the industry standard for small form factors, can easily be slipped into a passive 68-pin Type II adapter card that fully meets PCMCIA electrical and mechanical interface specifications. SST's family of CompactFlash cards are available in 8, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64 and 96 MByte densities and support both 5.0-Volts and 3.3-Volts power supply for read/write.

Pricing and Availability

Sample and production quantities of SST's 64 MByte and 96 MByte CompactFlash cards are available now. SST's 64 MByte and 96 MByte CompactFlash cards are priced at $160 and $240 each, respectively, in 1,000 unit quantities. For further information about high-volume pricing, please contact SST.