Thanks to the "Black" firmware update the Nokia Lumia 1020 is now capable of capturing DNG files. 

When the Nokia Lumia 1520 was launched in October 2013 it took the honor of being first smartphone to offer Raw image capture. Now the same feature was recently added to the older model Lumia 1020 via the Nokia "Black" firmware update. 

With an unusually large (for a smartphone) 1/1.5-inch image sensor, the Nokia Lumia 1020's image quality was already among the very best when only looking at JPEG capabilities. It's number five in DxOMark's all-time mobile rating with 74 points and it scored very well in our review on Dpreview Connect as well.

With the device now capturing images in DNG Raw format our partners at DxOMark have been able to put the Lumia 1020 through its Raw-based sensor testing and compared it to hundreds of cameras in its database. Considering that we are looking at a smartphone, the results are pretty interesting. 

With a DxOMark sensor score of 41 points, the Nokia 1020 ranks 222 out of 242 cameras tested. Testers were pleasantly surprised by the Lumia's color depth and dynamic range but found the sensor's small pixel pitch to restrict performance in low light.

Go to for more details and comparisons with Raw-capable compact cameras. We are planning to have a closer look at the Lumia 1020's Raw files here at Dpreview as well, and hope to publish an article with some real-life samples soon. We are also currently working on our full review of the Lumia 1520 which will offer some insight about this new model's Raw image quality.