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According to TechCrunch, Instagram is about to declare all-out war against Vine: Facebook's image-sharing social network is allegedly going to start allowing 5-10 second long videos—an obvious challenge to Twitter's 6-second video sharing app (tap example above to see it in action).

TechCrunch's source claims that Facebook will make the big announcement during its press event on June 20th. There are no details about whether or not Instagram will provide lo-fi filters for the videos or how exactly the videos will be integrated into Instagram's existing user interface.

Since Twitter launched Vine in January, over 13 million people have downloaded the app on iOS alone. After the Android app launch earlier this month, Vine video links on Twitter outnumbered Instagram photo shares.

If this source is correct and we see Facebook announce videos on Instagram this week, what will this mean for Vine? Can Instagram function as both an image and video sharing app? Will Vine users abandon the hot new app in favor of an old favorite?

No matter what Facebook has in store this week, we will be here to fill you in on all the photography news.