Phase One has updated its Capture One RAW workflow software to support more cameras and more RAW file formats. Capture One version 3.7.4 is now also designed to run natively on both Intel and PowerPC based Mac computers, with speed increases of up to 40 per cent for Intel Macs. Capture One 3.7.4 also offers speed enhancements for Windows and PowerPC Mac users and is a free update for existing users.

Press Release:

Capture rate speeds up with new Capture One on Intel-based Macs and Windows

Updated RAW workflow software supports all Phase One P Series digital camera backs, the new Canon EOS 30D, Pentax *ist series and Sony DSC-R1

April 11th 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark: Phase One®, the world leader in professional
digital imaging solutions, has updated Capture One™ RAW Workflow to support more
cameras, more RAW file formats and Intel-based Macs. Capture One is the most efficient, fully
color-managed RAW Workflow image-processing solution and delivers the highest possible
image quality from the new generation of digital SLRs and Phase One digital camera backs.

On the fast Mac track

Capture One 3.7.4 is a Universal Mac application designed to run natively on both Intel and
PowerPC-based Mac computers.. Initial tests show that the capture rate has increased by up to
40 per cent when version 3.7.4 is run on an Intel-based Mac. Processing RAW files with
Capture One 3.7.4 is now 15 per cent faster on both Intel-based and PowerPC based Macs.
Windows users will also enjoy enhanced capture rate and RAW processing speed with Capture
One 3.7.4. Initial tests show performance gains of up to 200 per cent in capture rate made
possible by an improved high-speed capture option in the Capture One software. Tests also
show a 10 per cent increase in the processing speed of RAW files.

Trine Voss, VP Sales & Marketing for Capture One said: “Phase One’s strategy is to provide our
customers with products that maximize the best of available technologies, either through our
own or third-party development. Launching this new version of Capture One as a Universal
Mac application is ideal as Capture One is sold on-line through Apple Europe.”

Expanding RAW file support

The P 45, P 30 and P 21 — the ultimate range in digital camera backs — are now all supported by Capture One. Version 3.7.4 allows tethered shooting with the P 21 and RAW processing of 52
MB TIFF files.

Support for RAW files from Canon cameras including the new EOS 30D, the full Pentax *ist
series and the Sony DSC-R1 — the first Sony camera to be supported by Capture One — have also been included in the update. Phase One’s professional grade workflow software, Capture One PRO, provides tethered and RAW file support for all Canon EOS cameras, including the new

Capture One 3.7.4 is a free update for existing users and is available for download at

Capture One RAW Workflow is available from leading professional photography dealers worldwide.
Free trials are available directly from the Phase One web site: Phase
One offers on-line support for all Capture One users at

Participate in Phase One’s US road show

Phase One is hosting The See The Difference Roadshow seminar series tailored for professional
photographers in the US between March and October 2006. Delegates will experience Phase
One’s industry leading medium format digital backs and learn how to streamline their workflow
using Capture One RAW Workflow. Those wishing to attend See The Difference can find more
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