Anagram from Etsy store twigcreative is a handmade wooden toy that lets little ones hop aboard the Instagram bandwagon.

Etsy, the popular e-commerce website where crafters sell handmade or vintage items, has some interesting offerings for mobile photography enthusiasts. 

We've rounded up those we found most charming or unusual. (Note that this is neither a buying guide nor are we recommending these products. We haven't reviewed them, but we found them entertaining and hope you do too.) 

Fancy covers 

Etsy sellers offer one-of-a-kind solutions for toting your smartphone or tablet in style. 

We love this white and gold leather option from Avistudio, designed to fit most mobile phones. Etsy shop owner Elena Strozhenko of Tel Aviv offers numerous smartphone covers in many colors and styles. We also loved the innovative style of the tablet clutches made of recycled leather offered by Finnish store Exleather

Smartphone cases

More form-fitting cases are also available, like those from dullbluelight, which offers this vintage camera look for your iPhone. 

ASstore provides serious bling for many brands of smartphone, including some flashy 3D Hello Kitty designs. 

Instagram-inspired jewelry

You'll find a variety of earrings, rings and necklaces sporting the Instagram icon on Etsy. 

ColorMeKawaii sells hand-painted clay earrings baring the Instagram logo, along with a matching ring. You could complete the set with an Instagram logo charm necklace from TidbitFactory and knitted Instagram brooch from sabahnur.

For the baby mobilographer

You can share your love for social photo sharing by billboarding your baby with messages like "Instagram me #toocute" as seen on this onesie from relelinkbaby. TheAfricanLlama offers a more handmade look with its own Instagram baby onesie. 

Or, offer little ones their own wooden analog Insta-camera from twigcreative.

Home decor

There's plenty of talented Instagramers selling actual printed photographs on Etsy, but we found this flannel Insta-pillow from Ciaobeatrice truly unique.

Let us know about what other Etsy finds you've seen for mobile photographers.