Olympus has a major update of its Olympus Studio RAW conversion and camera-control software for photographers using its E-System DSLRs. Version 2.0 features a new user interface and is finally compatible with Intel Macs and Windows Vista as well as supporting the latest E-410 and E-510 cameras. Olympus has also added CD sleeve design and printing functionality along with a file backup system to make Studio close to a 'one stop shop' workflow solution. Olympus Studio 2.0 is available now as a 30 day trial from the Olympus site - link after the jump.

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More professional capabilities and enhanced usability

OLYMPUS Studio 2.0 software out now

London, July 18, 2007 – Olympus has today announced the release of the OLYMPUS Studio 2.0 software, supporting professional and ambitious amateur photographers in their work. This major update enhances functionality and usability for advanced image management and editing requirements. A trial-version of the software will be bundled with all new Olympus E-System cameras, and the full version is available for download via the internet.

OLYMPUS Studio 2.0 takes further steps to improve image file management and editing functionality. From the new user interface to Windows Vista and Intel-based Macintosh support, the software enables professional and ambitious amateur users to do more than ever before. RAW development of images taken by the Olympus E-510 and E-410 D-SLRs has also been added, and photographers can now profit from a new back-up function as well as the facility to simply print sleeves for CDs/DVDs, thereby assisting in streamlining their workflow. It naturally retains its professional editing and batch-processing capabilities along with light-box function and the possibility for full control over the Olympus E-System cameras directly from a computer.

The software is now available for download from the internet. It will also come bundled as a trial version with every new Olympus E-System D-SLR for which a “full version key” can be ordered online.