Reports have been surfacing that Nikon is issuing new D610 cameras to customers who send in their D600s for service. It's hard to substantiate, but Nikon Rumors has been collating reports from Europe and the US which seem to show that some customers who send their D600s in for service specifically related to the now notorious dust accumulation issue have been receiving brand new D610s in exchange. 

We asked Nikon for a statement on this issue, and received an unusually quick reply:

'Nikon Inc., is committed to serving the needs of our customers. All our customer service inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis.'

This typical non-committal statement doesn't confirm the truth of the reports, but crucially it doesn't deny them either.

'Case by case' is the important phrase here. We'd be very surprised if it was standard policy to replace dusty D600 bodies with D610s, but it's not impossible that if the problems with any given camera are so severe as to make conventional cleaning or repair uneconomical, a swap-out might make sense. And if a few customers get a nice surprise and tell their friends about it, well - so much the better for Nikon.