To showcase the talent and imagination shown by our Challenge hosts and entrants, we're once again running a 'Challenge of Challenges,' to find the Picture of the Year. This year we've made a couple of changes to the way we run this annual event. We've whittled more than 1700 challenge winners down to a more manageable 100 - selected by the dpreview editorial team. And for the first time, we're offering not only a prize for the winning entry, but also for the 'best' voter.

The winning entry (as decided by public vote) will receive a framed exhibition print produced by master printmaker Tyler Boley of Custom-Digital (size dependent on file size and quality, up to a paper size of 24x36") - worth up to $350. To add a little incentive to the voting we'll also be giving a prize (of a framed exhibition print of one of your own images) to the voter who most closely matches the final scoring. We're not going to reveal exactly how this will be calculated, but you must rate all 100 shots in order to be in with a chance of winning. So get voting!

Click here to explore and vote for the best challenge-winning images of 2011