The observant among you will no doubt have noticed we've been making some subtle improvements to the forums software over the last few days, the main thrust of which has been integration into a cleaner and more powerful database backend. This new backend has allowed us to remove all limitations to browsing and searching for messages, you now have full access to all forums messages back to day one! We've also added the new HOT tag to threads which receive the most posts within 48 hours.

Phase one, general improvements

  • Removal of 50 results limit from forums searching
  • Removal of 50 results limit from news archive searching
  • Removal of 50 messages limit from posters profile, all messages are now available
  • Removal of day/week/month limit from forums, all forums can be browsed by page all the way back to day one (28/Jan/1999)
  • New common paging control available on all above mentioned services
  • General speed improvements
  • Cleaned up help text / legend, added number of messages posted for each forum (updated automatically)
  • Added "HOT" tag to threads which have received the most posts in the last 48 hours (top 20 threads)
  • Standarized on use of "," to separate thousands

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There's more to come in phase two...