With Loom, you can browse your photos based on which device was used to take them.
The browsing screen displays images in a variety of layouts,

On the long list of apps that have used iOS 7 as an excuse to get a face lift, photo hosting service Loom is going above and beyond. This photo organization app is fairly new on the scene but it is already turning heads and getting a plenty of positive reviews. Loom's latest update has improved its user interface to better reflect iOS 7's new aesthetic and also allows for RAW photo uploading.

Loom lets users upload photos from either its Mac or iPhone app. While the photos will remain untouched on the server, when users want to view the RAW files on their mobiles, Loom will show a smaller version. This way, users can look at their RAW files without slowing down the user experience.

The first 5GB of storage on Loom are free, but you can get 50GB for $3.99/month and 250GB for $9.99/month. In comparison, popular file hosting site Dropbox offers 100GB for $8.25/month, 200GB for $16.60/month and 500GB for $41.60/month, but it doesn't show RAW image previews. Meanwhile, Flickr will hold a whole terabyte for free, but won't allow RAW files either. 

From Loom's blog:

And, like always, we store your RAW files untouched in their original format on our servers, secure and private for you to access whenever you’d like, while creating multiple smaller versions for fast viewing on all your mobile devices. Loom does this with all of your photos, but having smaller versions of your RAW files gives the absolute best of both worlds – quick and easy browsing without eating up storage space, and the uncompromising quality of RAW photographs.

We tested more than 130 types of RAW files, on Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Leica, Hasselblad, and many other cameras. If you do find that the particular RAW format you use isn’t working yet, please send us a quick note to hello@loom.com and we’ll make sure we’ll add it!