Carrying on their tradition of rebadging Fujifilm digital cameras, Leica have made public their Digilux 4.3. It's basically a Fujifilm 4700Z with a different badge, champagne case and rubber hand grip. Specification wise it's identical to the 4700Z. What's more interesting about the Leica offering is that there are two optional add-on lens systems, the "digicopy" for digitizing slide film and the "digimacro" for enhancing the Digilux 4.3 (Fujifilm 4700Z) macro abilities - quoted as "Objects down to 13 x 17 mm in size can now be photographed filling the whole frame." Shame about the "4.3" in the name.. that might suggest it had a 4.3 megapixel CCD...

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LEICA digicopy 4.3, an optical attachement designed by Leica exclusively for the LEICA DIGILUX 4.3 is perfect for digitizing slide films from all manufacturers, but also black-and-white and color negative material. High quality reproduction and archiving of your valuable originals becomes very easy by this means.
LEICA digimacro 4.3 close-up attachment. It expands the close-up limit of the lens and enlarges the linear magnification. The particular suitability of the LEICA digimacro 4.3 is mainly in the documentary sphere of medical reporting and expert opinions, as well as the photography of microorganisms and details of plants.Objects down to 13 x 17 mm in size can now be photographed filling the whole frame. Its high-quality optical system comprises a coated achromat that ensures optimum contrast rendition.

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What may be a bit confusing if you visit their site is that they also have a digital camera called the "S1 Pro", however it's specifications are.. how can I put it, a little different.