Sony has released the first firmware update for its α700 DSLR, improving image sharpness and noise performance as well as tweaking flash performance with non-ADI lenses. Also available are patches for the Alpha's bundled Image Data Converter and Image Data Lightbox software. The update is applicable only to early production cameras with "Ver.1" software which may be checked by pressing and holding the Menu button then hitting Display.

Click here to visit Sony support for further information or to download the update

From the Sony Electronics Blog:

A700 Firmware Upgrade

Oct. 30, 2007 2:22am

To all of our Alpha enthusiasts,

I want to let you know we’ve been reading all of your comments and considering your ideas and thoughts for future product models. We truly appreciate them.

Today I’m writing to let you know about a performance upgrade for the new DSLR-α700 camera.

As part of our efforts to provide the best product experience, we make efforts to reach out to customers not only before but also after making a purchase. At Sony Electronics’ customer support web site at, people can get the latest information on their products.

I’ve invited Mark Weir, the senior technology and marketing manager for Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras in Sony Electronics’ Digital Imaging and Audio Division, to provide an overview of the new upgrades available online on Oct. 30.

Hi, this is Mark.

As Rick mentioned, Sony is releasing updated firmware for the DSLR-α700 camera, as well as updates for the Image Data Converter and Image Data Lightbox bundled software applications. The camera firmware update improves image sharpness and reduces noise under certain circumstances. It also improves flash control at very short distances with non-ADI control lenses. The updates for the bundled software applications correct the functioning of such features as image display and file type indication. These updates relate only to early production Firmware “Ver.1” models, which were manufactured through early October. Firmware “Ver.2” models (press Menu & Display together to check) already include this upgrade. Although these improvements are subtle, it is recommended that customers make the update to improve the camera and application software performance.