Pre-PMA2009: Corel has announced a new version of Painter, its painting and illustration software aimed at artists, photographers and illustrators. According to Corel, Painter 11 has been optimized for professional users, rather than Paint Shop Pro, which is primarily aimed at enthusiasts. It incorporates more than 40 new and enhanced features including an expandable Color Palette, new Selection Tools, enhanced Brushes Palette and improved Colour Management. The brushes palette also includes new pressure-sensitive brushes and promises to work 30% faster than the previous versions. Priced at £263.35, it is available for download through the company's website.

Press Release:

Corel® Painter™ 11 Unveiled Today

World Leader in Digital Painting and Illustration Delivers On Top Customer

Maidenhead, UK - 24 February 2009 - Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CREL; TSX: CRE) today introduced Corel® Painter™ 11, the newest edition of the world's leading painting and illustration software. With more than 40 new and enhanced features, Painter 11 provides the most inventive drawing and painting tools available, making it the ultimate art studio for those ready to expand their definition of creativity.

Since its inception, Corel Painter has set the standard for painting and illustration software. With Painter 11, artists can now expand their digital toolset with the most advanced painting and natural media tools available. New pressure-sensitive brushes allow hand and brush to fluidly work as one, producing brushstrokes that are unrivalled in texture and precision. Enhanced drawing tools and customisable media allow users to create distinct art every time.

Changing What's Possible in Art
In developing the newest version of Corel Painter, the Corel team focused on four key areas:

Enhancing the Creative Process
Painter 11 offers artists the ability to enhance their creativity through the freedom to create and customise brushes and media variants to their precise specifications. With unique new tools including new artistic media, new hard media brushes, and new selection tools, Painter 11's unique toolset enables users to create art that would not be possible working with traditional media.

Going Beyond the Digital Darkroom
With Painter 11, artists can expand their digital toolset with painting media designed to extend the capabilities of digital photography programs such as Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo and Adobe® Photoshop®. New colour management improves colour recognition when importing files from other applications and individual colour profiles per document create greater colour accuracy for each file.

Learning from Unlimited Experimentation
For those looking to embark on an artistic education, Painter 11 offers the ability to experiment with colour theory and composition much faster than in a traditional environment, and without the toxins and mess. With the option to undo brushstrokes and other effects, this digital art studio provides the ability to experiment in an unlimited capacity, giving students, teachers, and other new users the confidence to explore a wide variety of artistic techniques.

Increasing Performance and Productivity
Artists using Painter 11 can enjoy creating in an inviting environment that is optimised for their workflow. Enhanced brushes perform up to thirty percent faster than in previous versions, making this the fastest, most responsive version of Painter yet.

"I've been using Corel Painter for more than 18 years. This program has been a vital and integral part of my artistic workflow for the last 16 years. With the enhancements in brush technology and the expandable colour palette introduced in Painter 11, I now have an even more powerful toolbox with which to express myself on the digital canvas" said Jeremy Sutton, Portrait Artist ( and Founder of the new educational website,, which features Painter 11 video tutorials, articles and new custom brushes. "Congratulations to the Painter development team who sought out and listened to feedback from the artistic community and worked with us to make this version the best Painter yet. I highly recommend diving in, if you're new to Painter, or upgrading from earlier versions so you can enjoy the new, improved features of Painter 11."

Pricing and Availability
The English version of Corel Painter 11 is available as an electronic download and for pre-order through and is priced at £263.35 for the full version and £136.85 for the upgrade. All prices include VAT.