We're delighted to be able to announce the introduction of mobile-optimized access to our forums. The mobile forums are one of the benefits that have been made possible by the new forums code we introduced in October 2012. This first release of the mobile forums supports the majority of full forum features, including both flat and threaded views - with the last-used format persisting when you next visit. We'll be building on the feature set in the coming months.

The mobile forums have a dedicated posting panel that should make it easier to post from mobile devices. At present this is plain text only and there is no option to edit quoted text if you choose to 'Reply with quote,' but this is just one of the areas in which we plan to expand the site's capabilities in the near future. This will include the ability to upload images from your mobile device.

The forum list should look familiar Each forum page will show the 30 most recent threads

Alongside the mobile version of the forums is a mobile-optimized version of user profiles - which appears as an option on the main menu - to make it easier to keep track of the comments and forum posts you've made.

The forum can be viewed in either Flat or Threaded view This is the Threaded view. Note the sticky title bar to simplify navigation.