What does it take to make an eye-catching pet Instagram account? Sure, a cute pet is a nice start, but it takes a great photographer to capture the essence of animal adorableness in a cool composition. We looked through some of the most popular pet Instagram accounts to find you examples of photographers who go above and beyond the snapshot to capture their animals at their best.

 1. Shishi-maru the angry cat

Move over, Grumpy Cat, Shishi-maru (@emonemon) is scowling his way into the spotlight. This adorable little feline seems to ham it up for his owner's lens, alternating between lounge-y poses, cardboard box adventures and occasional gut-piercing angry facial expression. 


2. Momo the adventurous Border Collie 

@Andrewknapp's dog Momo is an explorer, athlete, and from the looks of it, extremely well-trained. Photos of Momo range from candid shots in the Canadian countryside to apparently painstakingly-posed compositions that would have tested the patience of any other pooch. Momo is featured in the leading image of this article as well as this serene lake fetch video.

3. Mensweardog—you guessed it—is a dog in menswear

Dogs, as they say, are man's best friend. And what good is a best friend if he won't let you borrow his clothes once in a while? @Mensweardog is a three-year-old Shiba living in New York City. Aside from dressing better than most men I know, this pup enjoys long walks and rolling in grass.

4. Eiconne the miniature dachshund is a dapper diner

Two of life's simple pleasures: dogs and food. Add to that a few beer photos and you have the feed of @eiconne. I don't know much about this little dog or his skilled personal photographer/owner because the account is entirely in Japanese, but I do know that this little dog finds himself sitting with a beer quite often. 

5. Darcy the hedgehog is as cute as she is prickly

Is there anything cuter than a happy hedgehog? Instagram darling @darcytheflyinghedgehog has over 120,000 loyal fans of her calm cuteness and spiky exterior. Darcy's owner does an excellent job posing her in various spots, showcasing her in simple scenes that highlight her spectacular spines and sweet little smile.

6. P-chan is one photogenic feline

Instagram user @ryotukoro has two cats—a supposedly shy brown cat named Nya-san and a fierce black cat named P-chan. While Nya-san makes the occasional appearance on Instagram, its P-chan who has emerged as a stand-out star. 

 7. Maddie the pup is on tour to tell the story of rescue dogs 

Well, at least her owner is. Photographer Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) is in the middle of a huge project. With his dog Maddie in tow, Humphrey is traveling the United States over the course of a year, showcasing how pets change lives. His resulting audio and photo essays are incredibly moving and his Instagram account is getting a lot of attention. Follow Maddie's adventures at MaddieOnTour.com.

 8. This dog has more #swag than the rest of Instagram combined 

Cats may have nine lives, but this dog has the familiar motto of #YOLO. Biggie Smalls the Notorious D.O.G (@biggie_griffon) is rolling in swag and sniffing the tail of fame. And when he's not too busy keeping it gangsta, Biggie can be found precariously perched on top of things barking "started from the bottom, how am I here." 

9. Keeping up with the chinchillas

Forget whatever reality TV family is in the headlines. This family of chinchillas provides plenty of entertainment with their Instagram account (@chintubehd) and YouTube channel. Follow this fuzzy family as they take dust baths and look extremely cuddly. 

 10. Lil' Bub makes us purr

It's hard to look at photos of Lil' Bub (@iamlittlebub) without letting out a giggle. Described by his owner as the "happiest super hero space cat on the planet," Bub is an adorable animal with a habit of sticking out her tongue and looking generally amused.