Hipstamatic denies that the layoffs of five employees signifies the death knell for the longtime mobile photography favorite. Yesterday the Hipstamatic team was reduced from a team of 11 to a mere six employees through a restructuring effort and questions quickly arose about the future of the app known for its toy camera capabilities.

'We're still moving full force ahead - the original team that built Hipstamatic is still here, and remains deeply committed to continuing to make great products that inspire our community and the world,' Molli Sullivan, director of communications for Hipstamatic, told dpreview in an email about the layoffs.

Hipstamatic practically started the lo-fi filter trend amongst camera phone enthusiasts when it launched in 2009. The app also sparked debate when it was adopted by award-winning photojournalists such as Ben Lowy, who used Hipstamatic when documenting life in Afghanistan for a series published in the New York Times Magazine last fall.

Hipstamatic is in the midst of numerous new endeavors: the WMag FreePak, a join effort with W Magazine to offer free add-ons to the app, announced earlier this week; the nascent Snap magazine, a monthly iPad publication produced by Hipstamatic with its second issue released this month; a forthcoming GoodPak created in partnership with Lowy; and there are also indications of a Hipstamatic Foundation for Photojournalism in the works.

'None of those projects will be impacted or cut,' Sullivan stated. 'We will actually be able to better execute with the team we have now, and we're excited to continue working on projects we're passionate about and love.'