I thought it would be timely to mention the use of Pro digital cameras at the Olympics. We can be sure that there'll be plenty of Kodak DCS's, Nikon D1's and Canon EOS-D30's (maybe even the odd S1 Pro or two) filling up storage cards and burning their way through rechargeable batteries over the next two and a bit weeks. Most of the major manufacturers will have support teams in Sydney and a few of them have setup Olympics information websites.

Kodak to Bring Olympic Images To The World

Kodak Image Center in Sydney to Support 1,000 Photojournalists

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 28--As one the world's most watched sporting events, the Olympic Games generate some of the most dramatic and poignant images of athletic competition, cultural diversity and world humanity.

Eastman Kodak Company, a worldwide sponsor of the Olympic Games, is continuing a 103-year Olympic tradition by providing technology and services to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Summer Games that enable the world's greatest photographers to capture and disseminate memorable Olympic moments to people around the globe. Through these images, the world will share in the dreams, aspirations and accomplishments of the Olympic athletes, as well as the spirit and diversity of the Games.

In September 2000, Kodak will set-up and operate a 21,000-square-foot Kodak Image Center in Sydney that will provide free, high-quality photo processing and services to more than 1,000 accredited photojournalists. Located in the main press center, the facility will be used to develop an estimated 175,000 rolls of film and provide the latest in digital imaging technology and services to professional photographers. Journalists will be able to convert photographs into digital images and transmit them by telephone or high-speed data lines to nearly any newsroom in the world, helping them to meet editorial deadlines.

Kodak's Olympic sponsorship and Kodak Image Center directly supports the company's primary growth initiatives by expanding the category through innovative marketing and share growth--specifically, the Olympics provide Kodak with access to the world's largest gathering of photojournalists from around the world. Kodak will have the unique opportunity to demonstrate film and digital products and services to these influential customers in a non-competitive environment.

Approximately 200 Kodak employees from around the world, speaking a variety of languages, will staff the Kodak Image Center. Additionally, Kodak's complimentary film exchange will provide photojournalists with free film replacement throughout the Olympic Games. Kodak Professional Digital Camera Systems also will be available for photojournalists to use during games.

At the Kodak Image Center, sixteen computer workstations will transfer and store images on Kodak Photo CD's; electronically transmit images to locations around the world; and scan, store, transmit and print photographs using Kodak digital technology.

Canon Digital Technology Centre

Canon digital services will be provided from outside Sydney Olympic Park at a specially prepared Digital Technology Centre at Homebush Home Improvement Centre. The Homebush Home Improvement Centre is a shopping centre located just outside the southern perimeter of Sydney Olympic Park. It is on the southern side of Homebush Bay Drive, next to the large roundabout that joins Australia Avenue, Underwood Road and Homebush Bay Drive.

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