Browsing over to the Nikon Japan site I noticed that they have updated their Coolpix 950 page and also added the first official samples (only three), I've put the thumbnails and the exposure information as extracted from the original image files using Thumber 2.5.

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1/72s, f/4, 108mm

ISO: 100
Light: 10EV
Compensation: +0.7EV
Metering: Matrix

E950 v981-54
6/Jan/99 3:56pm

1/54s, f/3.9, 100mm

ISO: 100
Light: 9.6EV
Compensation: 0.0EV
Metering: Spot

E950 v981-54
8/Jan/99 11:33am

1/322s, f/6.4, 96mm, BSS

ISO: 100
Light: 12.9EV
Compensation: -0.7EV
Metering: Matrix

E950 v981-56
13/Jan/99 2:40pm

One interesting thing to note here, the firmware version between the image taken on 8/Jan/99 and 13/Jan/99 has changed, proof if any were needed that Nikon are still trying to get the firmware "just right". Also, the Nikon samples page doesn't mention the EV compensation values.

Nikon Coolpix 950 Infosheet

Thumber information file for these three images

(Note: originals reside on the Nikon Japan site)