Sony Japan has today announced a newly developed CMOS sensor which has a 45 degree rotated pixel structure (the same layout as Fujifilm's SuperCCD). The development background to this sensor was the need to pack more pixels into a smaller and smaller package. Sony make the same claims about the increase in horizontal and vertical resolution (they state 1.4x better) as well as improved sensitivity per pixel (presumably because each output pixel is a combination of more than one input pixel). This new ClearVid (Clear + Vivid) CMOS sensor will initially be used in the new DCR-DVD505 camcorder, it will be interesting to see if this development makes it way to Sony's digital still camera range.

UPDATE: Thanks to a little more research at Imaging-Resource it turns out that this sensor also uses a different CFA (Color Filter Array) layout which has six green photosites for each red and blue, hence increasing effective luminance sensitivity but decreasing chroma (color) sensitivity and resolution.

Sony ClearVid CMOS sensor