Thanks to our forum poster "ETernity" for ever-so subtly pointing out that we'd missed this news article (I do have to sleep sometime ;) Atmel have unveiled two new digital imaging systems designed to be used where high quality digital imaging is required (and cost little object I'd expect). The Camelia 8M provides 12-bits of B&W image at up to 2.5fps and the Camelia Color 8M provides 12-bit colour data at 2.5 fps. This generates 24 MB files.

Original press release:


CAMELIA 8M and CAMELIA COLOR 8M digital cameras give 8 megapixels, 12-bit black-and-white or color images.

SAN JOSE, CA, July 6, 2000.... Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML) today announced the availability of two new members in its CAMELIATM family of digital imaging systems including both a digital camera head, a digital PCI frame grabber and associated Windows® software.

These new models, CAMELIA 8M and CAMELIA COLOR 8M, are based on a large format (close to 35mm film size) progressive scan CCD featuring 2300 (H) x 3500 (V) square pixels- 8 megapixels.

The complete CAMELIA system is delivered with user-friendly application and interface software for metrology, file management and RS232 settings, making it an ideal candidate for applications like slide/film scanning, reprography, archiving, microscopy and cell biology semiconductor and PCB inspection, ophthalmology, skin analysis and metrology in machine vision.

CAMELIA 8M and CAMELIA COLOR 8M capture and deliver respectively 12 bit and 12 bit/color data to the host PC memory at a rate of 2.5 frames/s.

CAMELIA 8M provides 8- megabyte files in black & white mode and 24- megabyte files in 3 shot- color mode for high- resolution display or printing.

CAMELIA COLOR 8M also provides 24- megabyte files after correction and interpolation. Binning up to 4x4 pixels enables black & white live video preview modes up to 9 frames/s.

CAMELIA 8M and CAMELIA COLOR 8M systems are fully controlled through an RS232 serial port and feature either continuous grab or asynchronous operation (frame on request) triggered by an external event and/or in full synchronization with flash, shutter and filter wheel, if used.

A 12 bit-to-12 bit LUT (Look Up Table) at the input of the digital frame grabber provides full flexibility for camera calibration and set-up. In case of 3 shot and single color imaging, the LUT and exposure times can be programmed separately for the red, green and blue color .

According to Jean-Philippe Lamarcq, Marketing Manager for Atmel's Professional Imaging products," with the introduction of the 8 million pixel version, the CAMELIA family now features an extensive range of resolution adressing the most demanding digital imaging applications with an extremely user- friendly and cost- effective solution."

ETernity: Thanks, it's not exactly what we'd normally publish as news, but digital imaging news all the same...