There has been talk of a 'recall' elsewhere, we can clarify that this is simply a firmware update but it is one which can't be applied by the user. This update solves an issue with White Balance Bracketing: "When Image Review (Custom Setting 1) is set to “On” and Bracket Set (Custom Setting 11) is set to “WB Bracketing” it is possible that the White Balance bracketing feature may not perform as expected. Additionally, if Image Review is “Off” but the “Monitor” button is pressed while images are being written to the CF Card the White Balance bracket may not perform as expected." Check your camera by viewing exposure information in camera, simply display an image and press the left or right arrow until 'FIRM VER' is displayed. Nikon D100 cameras with firmware V1.0 will need updating.

What to do if you think your camera is affected:

Nikon has developed a solution for this issue that can be performed at Nikon’s service center. Any user who feels that this issue might interfere with their shooting should contact Nikon and request a pick up tag. There are two ways to contact us:

1) On the Web, go to and click the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. Choose “Photo Equipment” from the first popup menu and “Digital Cameras” from the second. Click “Next.” On the following page enter “D100” in the Product popup and fill in your name full contact and shipping information.

In the “Message” section enter either “D100 Return Shipping” if you just want Nikon to email you a prepaid shipping label or “D100 Return - Need Box” if you wish Nikon to send you a box with a return label to return your camera in. You should recieve your shipping information the same day.

2) You may also call us toll-free at 1-800-645-6687; be aware that you may need to wait to speak with a representative.

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