The latest from Sony's Xperia line measures a petite 4" compared to the Xperia Z's 5".

Sony has released a smaller, mid-range answer to its Xperia Z flagship phone. The Xperia M runs Android 4.1 on its 4-inch, 854 x 480 display. The Xperia M's 5-megapixel camera offers many of the same software features as its larger counterpart: geotagging, image stabilization, quick launch and smile shutter are all present.

The Xperia M is available in black, white, yellow and purple, and will have a dual SIM compatible version. Joining devices like the 8-megapixel Galaxy S4 Mini, Sony says the Xperia M is "perfect for those who want the premium technology and experiences often only associated with high-end models." The phone is expected to launch before September.

Check out the full details from Sony's press release