Photo: Olivier Duong

Florida-based photographer and blogger Olivier Duong has concluded his examination of so-called 'gear acquisition syndrome' with an article that explains the steps he took to break free from his addiction. Starting with the mantra 'there is more to photography than gear', Duong describes how he make a conscious effort to appreciate the equipment he already owns, and to concentrate on using it to improve his photography.

Duong outlines several 'action steps' in his own recovering from gear acquisition syndrome, among which are those already mentioned above, but also - importantly - 'accountability'. Duong suggests 'tell your partner that you won’t buy a new piece of gear and hopefully your sense of pride won’t let you because if you do, you would fail in front of someone else.' 

The final step is what Duong calls 'marrying photography'. This consists of 'creating something tangible' with your work, like a blog, a photo project or a portfolio. Ultimately, Duong says, 'I was a gear addict, now I am a photography addict'. And hopefully we can all agree that's much healthier.

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