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If the gold-adorned Nikon Df from Brikk was a bit much for your taste, Nikon Japan has something slightly more restrained for the discerning Df owner. It has announced a limited edition version of its Df DSLR that uses gold where the standard version uses bare metal. Produced as a limited edition to mark the first anniversary of the launch of the Nikon Df, the gold model will come in two forms – body only, or paired with a gold-ringed AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G. There will be 600 units of the body-only form, and 1000 of the kit with the lens.

Accessories to match these gold bodies include the AR-11G soft shutter release and a special strap. Nikon will also provide the option for owners to have their name engraved into the front control wheel – either in gold or silver.

At 765g, and only 5g heavier than the standard Df body, the Nikon Limited edition models are due to be released in December, and apparently only for the Japanese market. The gold body without lens is advertised on the Nikon Direct website for 313,200 Yen ($2690/£1700) while the lens kit will cost 334,800 Yen ($2877/£1838) – both plus tax.

For more information visit the Nikon Japan website.