Fujifilm has updated its venerable line of Instax instant film cameras with the 'Neo Classic' Mini 90, which takes its styling cues from recent X-series digital cameras like the X100S and X-E1. As well as an updated (or rather backdated) design, the Mini 90 includes a lithium-ion battery and features a tripod mount and several shooting modes including a macro focus mode, double exposure and bulb - where the shutter can be held open for very long exposures or creative effects.

Real hipsters use film. (#nofilter)

The Instax Mini 90 is expected to cost around $210 when it becomes available in the US next spring. For more details, head to Fujifilm's microsite, but be aware that since much of the text is in the form of graphics, you'll need to be able to read Japanese to get the most out of it.