Even though I've already updated my 950 (it's a PAL version) the US and EUROPE have officially announced their firmware updates, heres what the US site says:

There will be two distinct versions of the Updater, one for NTSC ( USA) products and another for PAL ( European Products) The USA/NTSC version Will be posted on NikonTechUSA.com and the Euro/PAL version will be posted on Nikon-Euro.com.

(As of right now the Windows / NTSC version is not yet available... ???)

Nikon Corporation has indicated the following items have been corrected or improved in the Coolpix 950 Firmware version 1.1

  • The "self portrait mode" green pixel problem has been eliminated.
  • Settings that were not retained when the LCD was turned off are now saved
  • Improved System reliability many of the bugs causing camera freeze up have been eliminated
  • Focus speed in Macro operation has been optimized
  • Improved visibility of LCD when shooting with flash The LCD will not dim when shooting with the flash.
  • Improved Auto file numbering system operation This may mean the sequential numbering problems have been resolved

Note that I also found zoomed-in scrolling in playback mode to be faster.


NTSC: US Nikon Coolpix 950 v1.1 firmware

Get The Firmware Updater for Macintosh NTSC

Get The Firmware Updater for Windows NTSC
(currently delayed - ???)

READ the readme.txt files BEFORE installing

PAL: Europe Nikon Coolpix 950 v1.1 firmware

PAL software is for Europe purchased cameras which output a PAL video signal (note: this is NOT the Japan update).

Get The Firmware Updater for Macintosh PAL

Get The Firmware Updater For Windows PAL

READ the readme.txt files BEFORE installing

Installation warnings

  • If you do not have an A/C adapter for your camera, you MUST use fresh batteries of recent manufacture.
  • You MUST set the camera sleep time to 30 minutes before attempting to run the update.
  • If the camera enters sleep mode while the Updater is running, the camera will be disabled.
  • You should not attempt to install the Japanese version of the firmware updater on USA/NTSC
  • Digital Photography Review disclaims any responsibility for damage caused to users cameras, these updates are supplied by Nikon and users should carefully check they have the correct firmware (NTSC or PAL) and read the included readme.txt files before installing

Read this warning from Nikontech

The problem is that if the serial communication link between the PC and the Nikon 950 is established at less than 57,600 the update will take over 5 minutes to complete. If your camera timeout value is 5 minutes or less the update will not be completed before the camera goes to sleep - and effectively turns itself into a "door stop" because all of the firmware code was not loaded properly.

This problem was reported by several folks doing the Japanese upgrade. Also a warning about using the European PAL code on a NTSC camera - it will also turn the 950 into a "door stop" and require sending it in for service to make it useable again. Please wait until the right upgrade is available for your camera and computer combination.