<a href="https://pixl-latr.com/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">The Pixl-latr</a> - $55 - A better way to digitize negatives
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The Pixl-latr - $55 - A better way to digitize negatives

One of the most annoying struggles faced by analog lovers is how to get high-resolution, high-quality digital versions of their negatives. One of the best non-scanning solutions is to photograph negatives using a digital camera and a macro lens. But how the heck do you hold them in place and ensure even lighting?

Thankfully our good pal and DPR's Film Photography Talk forum moderator, Hamish Gill, invented a solution. The Pixl-latr, originally launched on Kickstarter, is a modular film holder that works with most film formats (up to 4x5) and features a semi-translucent back to diffuse light. It's a simple, versatile and effective solution for anyone who owns a macro lens, a digital camera and a tripod.

Another solution is the Nikon ES-2. It's a little more straightforward to use than the Pixl-latr – it attaches to the end of a lens – but is also nearly three times the cost ($145) and only works with 35mm format film.