<a href="https://shop.lomography.com/en/cameras/simple-use-reloadable-cameras" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Lomography Analogue Aqua camera</a> - $40 - An inexpensive waterproof 35mm camera
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Lomography Analogue Aqua camera - $40 - An inexpensive waterproof 35mm camera

I'm giddy with excitement just thinking about how fun Lomography's reloadable waterproof cameras are. For folks in the Northern Hemisphere facing a dreary winter, summer swims may seem like a far-off memory. But sunny skies and COVID-free days will someday soon (hopefully) be back upon us. And when the time does come again to take the watery plunge, the film-lover in your life will have the perfect camera to document it.

The Analogue Aqua is basically one of Lomography's $20 disposable cameras sandwiched into a watertight plastic case. There are two version of the camera, one with Lomo Color Negative 400 film and one with Lomochrome Purple film. But it's worth noting, unlike a traditional 'disposable' camera, these ones are not sealed shut and Lomography intends for you to reload them them again and again.