<a href="https://kosmofoto.com/product/kosmik-film-box/" rel="noopener" target="_blank">The Kosmik Film Box</a> - $30 - 4 rolls of B&amp;W film in a Soviet Space Age-themed gift box
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The Kosmik Film Box - $30 - 4 rolls of B&W film in a Soviet Space Age-themed gift box

Our pals over at Kosmo Foto have been selling their house-branded Kosmo Foto Mono ISO 100 35mm film (36 exp.) since 2017 and it's been growing in popularity with photographers the world over since. So much so, they added a 120 format option in 2019.

Kosmo Foto Mono is a versatile ISO 100 panchromatic B&W film stock (Fomopan 100) well-suited for a wide variety of cameras and shooting scenarios. The gift box and film packaging both feature cool, Soviet Space Age-inspired imagery, complete with spaceships, cosmonauts and other otherworldly symbols. Each gift box contains 4 rolls; items ships from the United Kingdom.