Recently we reported on rumors about the next generation high-end Samsung device featuring a new image sensor technology which Samsung calls BRITECELL. Now the Korean manufacturer has shared some more detail about the technology in a conference call with its investors. According to Samsung, the new technology will allow for smaller camera modules and higher resolution as well as better dynamic range and low-light performance.

This is achieved by doing away with the conventional Bayer pattern and replacing the sensor's green photosites with white ones, which are more light-sensitive as they don't require a filter - something that sounds strikingly similar to a technology introduced by Aptina a couple of years ago. It looks as if the first BRITECELL-equipped cameras will offer a 20MP resolution with 1µm pixels. This is smaller than the 1.12µm pixels in the current 16MP sensors but thanks to the new, more light-sensitive technology Samsung claims there won't be a drop-off in quality.

Additionally, Samsung has presented an HDR technology called Smart WDR which uses multiple exposures, but it is unclear how it differs from existing HDR methods. The new sensor will also come with on-sensor phase detection AF which is already pretty much standard on most high-end smartphone cameras. There's not an awful lot of new information in the presentation, but for now at least it is confirmed that the BRITECELL sensor is coming. We'll just have to wait and see how the new technology will perform when implemented in a device.

Source: Samsung | Via: GSM Arena