Just received this press release from my friends over at Nikon Europe. The European Bundle Nikon Coolpix 990 will now include FotoStation 4.0 (from FotoWare) a digital photo organiser, manager, search engine, web publishing, touch up and printing suite.

Here's the press release:

Nikon to bundle FotoStation 4.0 with Coolpix 990.

Amsterdam, Netherlands / Oslo, Norway. April 7th 2000

FotoWare A.S., Oslo, Norway takes great pride in announcing Nikon's Europe's decision to bundle the company's newest product, FotoStation 4.0 with Nikon's latest digital camera, the 3.34 megapixel Coolpix 990.

Mr. Michio Miwa General Manager, Nikon Europe BV announced, "We are very happy to announce this partnership with FotoWare. The Nikon Coolpix 990 digital compact camera delivers better image quality and exposure flexibility than ever before in our famous swivel design".

"The Coolpix 990 with FotoStation 4.0 full version bundled in the box as well as Adobe PhotoShop 5.0LE delivers one of the most complete hardware and software solutions to compose, capture, browse, sort and manipulate your high quality images.

He added, " In addition Nikon Europe have decided to widen this FotoStation bundle to many (depending on country) Nikon digital products: Coolpix, D1 and Coolscan across Europe. It demonstrates once again Nikon's continuing commitment to delivering total digital imaging solutions with our award winning products. "

Mr. Ole Christian Frenning, CEO of FotoWare agrees, "Nikon is a widely known marque synonymous with quality, and our market profiles are well-suited for co-operation. As we are the largest manufacturers of professional imaging systems in Europe, we also have many customers in common. This, as we see it, is greatly beneficial for both companies."

"To us this agreement is proof that we are in possession of a unique product, as it is offered by the world's best camera manufacturer to their customers, in tough competition with other software developers. We have no intentions of bundling our software with several manufacturers; consequently this agreement with Nikon is exclusive in Europe", says Frenning.

He continued, "FotoStation 4.0 is the ideal tool for the Small Office/Home Office environment. It is our belief that anyone using digital cameras is in dire need of a powerful, yet simple tool for storing, correcting and print images using layout templates or make WebPages without writing a single line of code. FotoStation 4.0 is a response to this exact need, and with the agreement with Nikon, we'll be able to reach those customer segments even better and offer the best combination of imaging hardware and software ever."

"Co-operating with Nikon has given us many new ideas, and a fair amount of our development plans is as a result of this co-operation and we welcome our customers to an unbeatable combination of camera and software". /Ends.

Further information about FotoWare:
FotoWare is no newcomer to the digital imaging business. Established in 1994, the company now has 25 distributors in more than 30 countries and is the leading supplier of professional digital image storage and management software in Europe.

Information about FotoStation can be found on www.fotostation.com or www.fotoware.com
Information about all Nikon products including Coolpix 990 can be found on www.nikon.com