PMA 2004: Casio has today announced its first prosumer model for quite a few years, the six megapixel Pro EX-P600. This flagship model has a four times Canon F2.8 - F4.0 optical zoom lens and a six megapixel CCD. The EX-P600 has a wide range of manual controls, a large 2.0" TFT LCD monitor, 9 MB of built-in storage, an SD/MMC slot and is powered by a supplied Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

Press Release:

CASIO’s award winning EXILIM range gets a boost
with the launch of the all new 6-Megapixel EXILIM PRO

Stylish and fast new flagship EXILIM model

February 13th 2004, LONDON, UK – CASIO Electronics Co.Ltd. today announces an exciting new development in the fast-growing digital camera market with the launch of EXILIM PRO. This marks the beginning of a whole new category of camera, offering something for the increasing number of intelligent digital camera users who want the superior features and functionality of a high-end semi-professional camera without losing the elegance and stunning good looks of an EXILIM.

The EXILIM PRO EX-P600 is an exceptional new addition to the growing family of EXILIM digital cameras. Combining an ease of operation typically expected in compact cameras with a high-performance 6-megapixel CCD and a large diameter Canon 4x optical zoom, the EX-P600 allows users to reach new heights of photographic creativity through its multitude of functions.

The new EXILIM PRO EX-P600 retains CASIO’s class leading start-up time along with a 0.01 second shutter release lag time - perfect for reportage photography or simply capturing special moments as they happen. In addition, CASIO’s revolutionary new four layer Stack MCM technology1, or ‘EXILIM Engine’, greatly improves the speed of the camera as well as reducing power consumption. When coupled with CASIO’s new SuperLife battery, the EX-P600’s battery life is extended radically. High-speed continuous shooting made possible by the ‘EXILIM Engine’ allows users to shoot at an enviable 3 frames per second, capturing moving targets perfectly.

A hybrid auto focus system incorporates the ability of normal contrast auto focus with a phase detect sensor that also sets the depth of field. The EX-P600 offers multi-bracketing, letting users can take a number of shots whilst varying the parameters of AE, WB and AF ensuring that they always capture the perfect picture. High-speed manual setting, available by pressing the proprietary “EX button”, lets the user display and adjust the levels for white balance, ISO sensitivity, metering, and auto focus area settings all on a single screen. When shooting manually, changes to these settings can be done quickly and easily.

The EX-P600 offers not only the style and features of a compact camera, but represents a new series of digital cameras with quick response offering functions usually found only on fully-fledged high-end models; and all in a portable size. The EX-P600 creates a whole new definition of excitement in photography, with a flexibility that hasn’t been possible with today’s fully automatic cameras.

The EX-P600 features high-speed play back that allows users to scroll through a large number of images quickly – up to 100 in under 10 seconds – and encompasses a high-definition 2.0“ TFT LCD screen. A new ‘EX-Finder’ display system, showing the camera’s aperture, zoom, shutter speed and battery consumption visually, allows advanced users to intuitively understand the performance of the camera and make the correct manual settings.

In addition, the EX-P600 enables users to expand the possibilities of their photography by connecting to an outside strobe and conversion lenses. Movies with audio, limited only by the available memory, are possible and can be viewed on a TV screen via the AV out capability. Finally, if that wasn’t enough, the EX-P600 is the world’s first high-end digital camera to incorporate EXILIM’s trademark stylish ‘stainless steel’ body.

By combining all the best features of CASIO’s popular EXILIM range with the latest in high specification digital photography functions, it is expected that when the EX-P600 becomes available in March 2004 it will be a massive hit with consumers looking for an advanced and easy to use camera, yet who are not prepared to compromise on style


6 Megapixel CCD

Images can be captures in resolutions up to 2816 X 2112 pixels. Clearer and sharper images have been made possible by maintaining the edge of objects while reducing noise. Images can also be recorded directly from the CCD to TIFF format to avoid any degradation of picture quality.

Canon 4x optical zoom lens

The lens features a high-performance 4x optical zoom with 10-stage aperture settings. Coupled with the high-resolution offered by the 6 megapixel CCD, the potential of the 16x (including 4x digital zoom) zoom lens can be fully realized. The lens has an automatic barrier for protection, and the camera’s flexibility can be increased by being used in conjunction with the three commercially available Canon conversion lenses (x0.7 / x1.5 / close-up).

Easy to use compact body

With a high-quality and rigid stainless steel body (97.5 (W) X 67.5 (H) X 45.1 (D) – 26.1mm at thinnest point), the EX-P600 is a robust yet ideal compact size. The camera’s case features the popular “Ex Fine Blast Treatment” used on other models in the EXILIM range for stylish looks and a quality feel.

3 photos / second rapid shooting

The EX-P600 offers rapid shooting at 3 photos per second, the high-speed continuous shutter captures up to a maximum of 6 photos. With this function you’re sure to catch the best shot, whether it be children playing, sports, or any other fast-moving activity. These images can all be previewed together on one screen.

Quick response

Never miss a photo opportunity with a rapid start-up time of approximately 2 seconds, and a fast shutter release lag time of approximately 0.01 seconds. Image playback is also quick at intervals of approximately 0.1 seconds from image to image - very convenient feature when scrolling through a large number of images.

Auto bracketing photography

By pressing the shutter button once, it is possible to use the auto bracketing function to take either 3 or 5 photos, applying different effects to each one. In addition to exposure variation (AEB), white balance (WBB), and focus positioning (AFB), the Multi Bracketing feature also allows users to choose variations of colour, portrait, sharpness, saturation, and contrast levels. This allows users to pick the very best shot from among their photos.

High-definition 2.0-inch TFT LCD monitor

The EX-P600 has a large, easy to see 2.0-inch monitor with a high-definition TFT LCD (115,200 pixels). The monitor makes it possible to scroll through photos, and to view the camera’s various functions as well as other important image information.

“EX Finder” for quick and easy visual display of photographic information

The camera’s photographic information, such as shutter speed, aperture, and focusing can be displayed visually on the monitor. These graphic displays make it easy to quickly adjust settings manually. There is also an RGB histogram for advanced users.  

“Manual Assist” display of picture effects for manual settings

When shooting manually with priority on either shutter speed or aperture, users can see what kind of photo will result from the chosen shutter speed and aperture settings by the visual display. 

BESTSHOT function

By choosing from BESTSHOT’s sample scenarios, automatic adjustments of settings for such things as exposure and white balance levels are made. There are 25 sample scenarios to choose from, including ‘soft focus’ and ‘sports.’ It is also possible to register up to 999 of your favorite settings in your own ‘My BESTSHOT’ folder, allowing you to use the same settings at any time. 

Adjusting manual settings quickly and easily on one screen

By pressing the proprietary “EX button”, the levels for white balance, ISO sensitivity, metering, and AF area settings can be accessed, displayed and adjusted on a single screen. When shooting manually, this allows changes to these settings to be made quickly and easily.  

Multiple Auto focus area

In addition to the fixed auto focus and the 7-point multi auto focus, the EX-P600 has an auto focus area that can be moved freely to the left or right, up or down using the arrow keys. This area can be enlarged during playback to ensure correct focus.

Other features

  • Movies with audio are only limited by the amount of memory available
  • Images and movies can be viewed on a TV screen via the AV Out connection
  • Photos taken with the camera in a sideways position are automatically displayed upright thanks to a built-in horizontal / vertical position sensor
  • Built-in flash memory (approx. 9MB) / SD memory card / Multi Media card compliant
  • Commercially available external flash equipment can be used with the Sync Terminal
  • A convenient wireless remote control is included for slow shutter and self-timer photos
  • “Photo Loader” software is included to allow automatic transfer of images to a PC
  • Connects directly to PictBridge (planned) and USB DIRECT-PRINT compliant printers using a USB cable

Casio Exilim Pro EX-P600 specifications

Sensor • 1/1.8" Type CCD
• 6.0 million effective pixels
Image sizes • 2816 x 2112
• 2816 x 1872 (3:2)
• 2048 x 1536
• 1600 x 1200
• 1280 x 960 (UHS mode only)
• 640 x 480
File formats • JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
• AVI (Motion JPEG)
Quality levels • Fine
• Normal
• Economy
Movie clips • 320 x 240
• Limited only by storage (streaming)
• With audio
Lens • 4x optical zoom
• 33 - 132 mm equiv.
• F2.8 - F4.0
• Canon branded
• 8 elements in 7 groups (including aspherical element)
Digital zoom Up to 4x
Auto focus • Hybrid external passive and Contrast AF
• 7-point multi-area / Spot focus area
• Single or Continuous AF
Manual focus Yes
AF assist beam Unknown
Focus range • Normal: 0.4 m - Infinity
• Macro: 10 - 50 cm
Shooting modes • Auto
• Program AE
• Aperture Priority
• Shutter Priority
• Manual exposure
• BESTSHOT scene modes
Metering Multi-pattern
Sensitivity equiv. Unknown
Exposure compen. • -2.0 to +2.0 EV
• 0.3 EV steps
Bracketing AE / WB / AF
Shutter speed • 60 - 1/2000 sec
• Bulb
Aperture • Wide: F2.8 - F8.0 (10 steps)
• Tele: F4.0 - F11.1 (10 steps)
White balance • Auto
• Presets (7 modes)
• Manual
Image parameters • Color saturation
• Contrast
• Sharpness
Self-timer • Normal: 2 or 10 sec
• Triple self-timer
• Remote control shutter release
• Remote control with 2 sec delay
Flash • Built-in
• Range (wide): 0.2 - 2.9 m - Auto ISO
• Range (tele): 0.2 - 2.0 m - Auto ISO
• Modes: Auto, Flash On, Flash Off, Red Eye Reduction
External flash PC Sync terminal
Continuous drive • 3 fps
• Max 6 images
Direct print PictBridge compatible printers
Viewfinder Optical
LCD monitor • 2.0" TFT LCD
• 115,200 pixels
Storage • 9 MB Internal flash storage
• SD/MMC slot
Power • Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
• Charger included
Connectivity • USB
• A/V out
• PC Sync flash terminal
Dimensions 98 x 68 x 45 mm
Weight (no batt) 225 g
Standard accessories Lithium Ion rechargeable battery; Battery charger; Card remote control; USB cable; AV cable; Strap; CD-ROM