CES 2008: Swift shooters supported with superior speed SDHC. Lexar has launched 8GB SDHC cards in all its products lines, including Professional 133X cards with their category defying 20MB/sec minimum sustained write performance.

Diminutive memory card update day continues at DPReview as Lexar announces 8GB SDHC cards in Standard, Platinum II 60X and Professional 133X flavors. The key thing to note is that the speeds quoted refer to minimum sustained write speed, rather than the maximum data transfer speed (which usually refers to reading from the card and need not be maintained). As such, the Professional 133X card doesn't just conform to the SDHC 'class 6,' but could be classed as 'class 20,' if such a thing existed. And the Platinum II 60X, with its 9MB/sec minimum sustain write speed also exceeds 'class 6.'

Press Release:

Lexar Increases Capacity of Popular SDHC Memory Cards

New High-Capacity Memory Cards Deliver the Ultimate in Functionality and Performance to Those Managing Images, Video, and Music

Fremont, CA, January 8, 2008 -- Lexar, a leader in advanced digital media and accessories, announced today that it has increased the capacity of its SDHC ( Secure Digital High Capacity) format memory cards in all three of the company's popular product lines including Professional, Platinum II, and standard. Available later this month, the new 8GB cards provide consumers and professionals with the ultimate in functionality and performance, and are designed for SDHC-compatible devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, and mobile phones, to name only a few of the many popular SDHC-compatible product categories.

"The capacity and performance of these new products allow photographers and videographers to confidently shoot without needing to change their memory cards, and allow mobile consumers to maximize the features and functionality of their cell phones and PDAs," said John Santoro, senior product marketing manager, Lexar. "As a result, our customers are confident in the memory card brand they choose to help them succeed in their job or improve their digital lifestyle experience."

Lexar Professional 133x 8GB SDHC
Designed for professional photographers and advanced hobbyists who demand optimal performance from SDHC-enabled digital SLR cameras, the Professional 133x 8GB SDHC cards deliver a minimum sustained write speed capability of 20MB per second, which allows photographers to fully leverage the camera's high-speed processor and accelerate image download times. In addition, the new 133x 8GB SDHC cards provide users of high-definition camcorders and point-and-shoot digital cameras with video capture capability the opportunity to store full-motion video without interruption. In all scenarios, the user spends less time changing memory cards and more time capturing content. The Lexar Professional SDHC memory cards include free, dedicated technical support, a limited lifetime warranty, and a comprehensive suite of valuable software available for free download, including Lexar Image Rescue™ 3 and Corel® Paint Shop Pro® X.

Lexar Platinum II 60x 8GB SDHC
The perfect storage solution for vacation photos, favorite songs, or video of family and friends, Lexar Platinum II cards allow consumers to take a large number of photos in quick succession using the "burst mode" feature of their digital cameras, as well as fully leverage the video capabilities of their SDHC-enabled point-and-shoot digital cameras. Lexar Platinum II SDHC cards are speed-rated at 60x, capable of a minimum sustained write speed of 9MB per second, and include Image Rescue 3, Corel® Snapfire™ Plus SE, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Lexar 8GB SDHC
Standard Lexar SDHC cards are designed for a wide range of popular uses, including storing still images, video, and music. These new high-capacity cards give consumers the opportunity to affordably improve the capabilities of their digital cameras, cell phones, or PDAs. Standard Lexar SDHC cards include Corel Snapfire Plus SE and a five-year limited warranty.